Why Theatre?

Two young Chinese women laughing

We use participatory theatre as both our core ‘product offering’, as well as a training tool to build our projects and organisations because we believe that the arts, particularly the performing arts, are a means by which we can, as Shakespeare wrote, hold the mirror up to nature. It is through the arts that we are most able to tap into the ‘soul’ of a person, the very essence of who someone is, to bring about transformative change. The arts cut across all linguistic, cultural, religious, racial and gender barriers and speak a universal language of love, possibility and transformation.

Our work is particularly inspired by the work of Augusto Boal and his Theatre of the Oppressed, applied not only to individuals experiencing political oppression but applied to any one of us who is ‘oppressed’ by the internal blocks and fears that threaten to undermine our ability to reach our full potential. Through the liberation experienced by exploring our stories and experiences with others in a safe space, we glimpse visions of the possibilities of ‘re-writing’ both our individual and shared stories for a more progressive, unified, humanity.


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