Our Story

A group of woman in a "conga line" taking part in a Hua Dan outdoor activity

Scheherazade Foundation was founded by Caroline Watson in 2011. Born and brought up in Hong Kong of British parents, Caroline set up and ran China’s first and only social enterprise, Hua Dan, in 2004, empowering migrant workers to run theatre workshops in their communities. Her work in China with Hua Dan over seven years enabled her to develop a model for training underserved populations to use the power of participation in theatre as a tool for personal and social transformation and, as such, she is now looking to develop that model in other countries and communities, under the umbrella of the Scheherazade Foundation.

Two blindfolded children taking part in a Hua Dan Children's Programme activity, with their classmates cheering them on Scene from a Hua Dan Consulting Programme performance: four mimes perched on top of a table


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