Our Approach

A leadership development game of trust, in which one person stands in the center of a circle of people, eyes closed, and trusts the circle to catch her whichever way she chooses to lean

Scheherazade Foundation uses its innovative methods for leadership development to work in diverse countries and communities around the world, reflective of a vision of a multi-polar world, to address key areas of human limitation in those countries.

In each country that we work, we identify critical issues in that country and, using the power of storytelling and theatre-based methodologies, create workshops, projects and organisations that weave a narrative that frames the Scheherazade experience in that community. We create characters and stories that enable us to explore key issues and develop leadership skills, through extraordinary learning experiences, that are critical to overcoming fear in that country and in the individuals that live in those countries.  The narratives in each of those countries then intertwine to contribute to the global narrative of Scheherazade and underline the imperative of overcoming limitation through transformative personal leadership.

Migrant women laughing and enjoying themselves during an empowerment workshop activity

We have a particular focus on working with promising leaders in emerging economies around the world, with a particular focus on China, India and Brazil, as well as immigrant communities within the developed world, as we believe these are the countries and communities that will most shape global leadership issues in the future.


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