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Mission, Vision and Objectives

Big group of Hua Dan participants standing in a circle holding hands

The Foundation delivers theatre-based projects for community and social change in emerging economies.

We have a model for training underserved populations to use the power of participation in theatre as a tool for personal and social transformation.

We have a particular, though not exclusive, focus on working with women.

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of leaders to lead both themselves and their communities with integrity, empathy, and a nuanced understanding of global leadership issues.

Our vision is of a world where each individual has the personal leadership needed to bring transformation to their communities.

Our objectives are:

  • To inspire individuals with a transformed way of thinking about themselves and the world.
  • To bring people together to explore, collaborate and address critical issues that prevent the fulfillment of human potential, at an individual, national and global level.
  • To deliver unique and visionary theatre-based workshops and programmes to support our objectives.
  • To create new models of leadership, at both a personal and professional level.
  • To create sustainable and replicable learning models that have impact on both a local and global scale.



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Donations can be made through our Hua Dan page on ammado to support Scheherazade Foundation projects.

A group of women taking part in a Hua Dan workshop, balancing sticks on their heads as part of a team-building activity
A group of children huddled in a circle as part of a Hua Dan activity in the Sichuan earthquake area; one girl has turned around to pose for the camera

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