Our Approach

Five Scheherazade workshop participants joining hands

Scheherazade is unique in the corporate training market for blending an innovative training methodology with experience of working at both the top and the bottom of the pyramid.

Having worked at the intersection of doing business in China, entrepreneurship and global leadership, community development and corporate social responsibility, we are uniquely placed to understand the nature of China’s human development issues. Furthermore, our background and expertise in theatre-based approaches, provide for an interactive, engaging and deeply-impactful learning experience that stays with the participant long after the workshop has ended.

Our facilitator team members are all professionally-trained actor-facilitators and our methods go beyond traditional ‘role-play’ techniques to utilise the skills of real artists to create workshops with empathy, aesthetic qualities and a more nuanced understanding of what lies at the heart of the issues at stake.


Core to any Scheherazade workshop is the post-workshop ‘processing’ that we do. This enables participants to self-assess on their learning experience and to create a framework for moving forward in implementing their learning into their work lives.  This process also enables both Scheherazade and the client to identify continued needs to develop in future trainings for staff. For example, a workshop might identify a challenge in improving more specific areas of need, such as maintaining a healthy work-life balance, or dealing with the war on talent in China, to develop second-stage workshops for continued professional development.


Scheherazade Consulting brings to life for you stories that have an impact on the way in which you work and lead in China and other emerging markets.