About Us

A team of 6 people in a circle, arms around each other, with one member beckoning you to join

Scheherazade Consulting delivers experiential learning workshops on transformational organizational change and global leadership.  Key to our approach is that our facilitators and performers are drawn from diaspora communities, ensuring that knowledge and expertise is relevant to the challenge of working in global markets today.

We have a particular focus in preparing current and future leaders in Europe and North America to understand the challenges and opportunities of working in China, India and other emerging markets. With the European and US economy in recession, there has never been a more important time to tap into the energy and dynamism of the emerging markets.

Our interactive workshops are designed to provide Global Leadership development and Cross-cultural Understanding to Individuals in Organisations through an innovative medium of Theatre. The Workshops are:

Focused Driven: Workshops are designed not only to raise awareness and sensitivity to global leadership issues; but to use real-life problems one’s team deals with as the theme of the act.

Behaviour Driven: Workshops are designed to influence the mind of the individual, inspire change in behaviour, enabling individuals not only to understand but to act on their understanding.

Key themes of the workshops include:

  • Global leadership
  • The war of talent
  • Negotiation
  • Consumer perceptions of the supply chain
  • Development issues
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Bottom-of-the-pyramid markets
  • Developing goods and services for consumers in the emerging world


Scheherazade Consulting brings to life for you stories that have an impact on the way in which you work and lead in China and other emerging markets.